We offer full Web Consulting at MissWebHost.com

MissWebHost.com is more than just a Web host. We are a full-service company that will handle designing the site, writing copy, editing images, installing scripts, e-commerce solutions, and maintaining your site once it's on the Internet.

   MySchoolPaper.com, net & org
   LivingInNYC.com, net & org
   httpWebDesign.com & net

Scripts: Today's Web sites are different from yesterday's static Web pages. Thanks to behind-the-scenes programming languages like PHP, MySQL, CGI Scripts and Perl Scripts, your web site can now have dynamic content with interactivity and the ability to search for data. With these powerful programs you can run classified ads, hold auctions, offer a bulletin board so your customers can create an on-line community, among many other possibilities.

E-commerce Solutions: Sell your products or services on-line with an e-commerce enabled Web site. With shopping cart technology, your Web visitors can easily search for what they want and purchase from you on-line using any Web browser. E-commerce solutions give you control over product inventory, images, prices, and let you offer your shoppers discounts and gift certificates. Creating and maintaining an e-commerce site has never been easier or more affordable.

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